Benefits and Features

Benefits and Features

This streamlined approach effectively addresses common project delivery issues:

• Risks not being captured and managed effectively
• Lessons learned and knowledge being lost due to the transient nature of oil and gas workers
• Key dates and tasks are not visible to all project personnel
• Disparate documentation and spreadsheets being used in project delivery
• Increased reliance on graduates and inexperienced engineers

Which in turn ensures:

• Mistakes are less likely to happen
• A global repository of knowledge - one that grows with each project
• A real time overview of project status and key milestones
• A consistent, process-driven approach to all well engineering operations, anywhere in the world
• A transparent audit environment
• Assured compliance with any regulatory framework
• Enables management to be more proactive

Which is why a number of global operators are currently benefiting from the structured approach WellAtlas® brings to their global well operations.

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